Student Spotlight Series

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Students persevere, overcome and lead. On the brink of breaking down, students consistently overcome and empower themselves. They lead and prosper. From the lowest of the lows, students rise to the highest of the heights. Normal students, the very students that ponder if their 8 a.m. theology course is worth it and those students that […]

Student Spotlight: Meet Abbey

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This piece features my good friend, Abbey Ritchie. We met freshman year during Preview GU and have been friends ever since. I sat down with Abbey for a Q & A to share her Gannon experience. Q: Where are you from, and how far away is it from campus? A: I am from Fairview, Pennsylvania, […]

Student Spotlight: Meet an Estonian

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One of the first friends I made in college was Anne-Mari Kaur. She is an international student here at Gannon. We met during Intro to Philosophy and became better friends while taking more and more classes together. I sat down with Anne-Mari for a Qn’A to share a little bit about herself. Q:  Where are […]