Post Thesis Thoughts/How I Prepare for Public Speaking

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I did it. I wrote it. I presented it. I defended it. I am done. If you have read some of my previous articles, you probably know that I wrote my theater thesis on Star Wars and Aristotle’s elements of drama. It was a long task-heavy process, but I did it. Looking back on the […]

White Snake: (One of) My Last Shows at Gannon

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I cannot say this is my last show at Gannon as a student as I will be here for an extra semester, but this is one of them (depending on how hectic student teaching is). This semester, I was an acolyte and in the ensemble for Mary Zimmerman’s “White Snake.” This was the show where my […]

Playlist: Music as a Form of Therapy

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During my freshman year, I took Theater and Culture with Fr. Shawn Clerkin. In that class we learned about different functions of art. One of those functions is therapy. While many plays and other works of theater have a therapeutic effect for the audience members, music and song lyrics also have the potential to be […]

My Two Heads Come Together: Part 1

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Last semester, I took a class called Expressive Arts. It is a class for education majors where you learn how to include various art forms in your classroom. As a someone who is both an education major and a theater major, I realized that Expressive Arts would be the perfect class for me because it […]