Going through college as a public relations and advertising communication major, I have taken the time to identify my weaknesses. One of these is the mechanics of my writing. I personally love to write and have a lot of content ideas that I am passionate about, but my grammar could improve. With that being known, I have taken the initiative to not only pick up a journalism minor but also begin the process of writing a book. I want to write a book based on the development needed and felt through love. Being about to incorporate things I am passionate about with the things I need to work on gives me the ability to challenge and motivate myself to produce something that positively reflects me. I truly believe in the work it takes to become a better writer and will be incorporating the necessary steps to do so.
Step 1:
  • For me to become a better writer, I must write every day. With this step, I will create a strict schedule and take time out of every day to write the book. Even if that is only a couple hundred words a day, that will be my goal. Not only that, but I will allow myself to not edit things when I’m writing, but schedule a separate time to edit the writing and pick apart my work with the AP Stylebook. Gannon’s communication department holds this book as a necessity to survive in the writing industry.
Step 2:
  • The second step for me to become a better writer is to take time out of every night to read. For the book, I will be reading to research the book. My book is based on love and the components people commonly experience regarding that topic. I am planning to read a couple of different books for each topic talked about and research authors who write about love development. The research will start with but is not limited to a self-love based author like Melissa Ambrosini or a romance novelist like Nicholas Sparks.
Step 3:
  • The last step for me to becoming a better writer is to find my happy place, which starts with my book. I am passionate about writing this book; therefore, it becomes my happy place. This book will cover a very broad view of the concepts of love and will be strongly influenced by my own personal experience along with other people in my life. I am confident in what the process of creating this book involves, and I cannot wait to get started.
With this being a post about my want for writing growth, these are necessary steps to take in order to get everything to come to life. I hope that if anyone is like me and hopes to go into the field of public relations, they establish a writing style and truly work on it daily as I am.