I think that many students would agree that we would not be anywhere near where we are today without the help of our parents. We all come from different family situations, but I am pretty confident in thinking that many of us owe a huge thank you to our parents or anyone who raised us right about now. Whether you get the chance to speak to them regularly, or if you only talk to them once a week, you should make sure to throw in a comment of appreciation.

For me, I know that I would not be here without my family back home in Pittsburgh. My parents both work extremely hard, but they will always drop what they’re doing to answer a phone call from me.

For example, I call my poor dad about five times a day. And no, I’m not exaggerating. I will call him during my walks to class, when I’m stressed or when I’m just downright bored. I text my mom a little less regularly, but I know that any time I shoot her a quick message, I will always get a reply. Who else would I text to help me figure out how to make business cards? Who knows.

My relationship with my parents was not always this way throughout my time in college. Our relationship has definitely made me believe in the phrase, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

During my freshman and sophomore years, I would very rarely contact my parents. It may have been out of rebellion, or just an honest ignorance to how much they have actually helped me get to where I am. I am not afraid to admit that I came into college thinking I had it all figured out without them.

News flash: I was wrong.

I am happy to say that I speak with them much more often now (probably too often.) What I am trying to say, though, is that it is important to not forget about the people who have always been your biggest support system.

Our parents really do want what is best for us. That is why mine have always pushed me to do better. Without that, I would definitely not have accomplished all of the things I have so far.

So, thank you mom and dad, for everything you do for me: for keeping me sane, for listening to my rants and for believing in me wholeheartedly.

Everyone who reads this should go thank their parents if they have the opportunity to, because they will definitely appreciate it.