Hey, everyone! Welcome back to my blog! While this blog is not criminal justice-related, this is a very important topic, especially with our world becoming more sustainable. I’m taking a break to discuss this topic because of the conversations and issues currently being discussed.  Some of these issues include water pollution, the wildfires across the world, and climate change. These are topics that aren’t going away anytime soon, so why not talk about them?


As a community, millions of people care about nature and are working to make it more sustainable. The increased use of metal straws and reusable water bottles are taking over and creating a healthier world.


Why should we plant more trees? Good question! Here are some benefits of planting trees:


  1. Trees have been proven to clean our air and our water (which means we have healthier air to breath and cleaner water to drink).
  2. Reforestation has been identified as the number 1 most effective and affordable option for climate mitigation. This has been proven by numerous scientists in more than a dozen institutions worldwide
  3. Trees are known to contribute to a stable climate and benefit your overall health, support our wildlife, and provide a positive social impact!
  4. Over the past few years, deforestation has rapidly increased. In 2017, the world lost 40 football fields worth of trees every SECOND. This occurs because of cattle grazing, forest fires (especially the most recent ones in California and Australia), logging, and mining. Another issue was poor forest management.
  5. Trees provide us with outdoor adventures (climbing trees or even using a tree swing) and stunning landscapes that we will want to appreciate for the many years to come.


This topic is important to students because it allows us to do our part in saving the planet. It will also allow us to become more educated so we can inform others not only on Gannon’s campus, but other places as well.


Want to help?

Help One Tree Planted by making a donation. Help us plant more trees!

For more information visit www.onetreeplanted.org


Source: Let’s Plant Trees Together by Colleen Alflen