Hello everyone! Welcome to my first written post to my blog. Today was the day I started my new job at the Gannon Edge. This job is a work-study through Gannon University that will be a resource more like a laboratory to pour out my creative ideas. I believe this will allow good creative content to be added to my portfolio. This will also help my reach to prospective employers.
I have set aside some ideas as a junior in college to gain connections needed in the world of football. The goal of this year for me is to become a college publicist for the GU football team, focusing on the athletes with the greatest reach. My goal is to become their middle man and get them the exposure needed to do what they truly want to do. I simply would like to be their provided tool to reach prospective teams in the NFL or possibly the CFL.
With that being said, I emailed David Rung, Director of Athletics Media Relations and also Nichole Lossie, Marketing, and Social Media Specialist to set up meetings and discussions. These are the people I need to meet with and get full approval along with guidance to make this idea come into true form. I could also work out a possible one-credit practicum and gain some experience in the field I would like to.
Although this first post was about my ideas, These are necessary steps to take in order to get everything to come to life. I hope if anyone has a creative idea to start their career off, this was helpful on how to get it written down and talked about to people who can be of assistance to the bigger goal.