A lot of people suffer from anxiety, depression, OCD, and all sorts of different problems that get in the way of their everyday lives. Statistically, 46% of Americans suffer from mental illness, and a lot of the time those people do not seek help or talk about it because they believe that it is “embarrassing” or “stupid,” but no one should ever feel that way. I suffer from diagnosed anxiety, and I can proudly say I do go to therapy and take medicine for it. Both have helped so much. I did not resort to medicine in the beginning, but therapy is one of the best life decisions to help myself that I have ever made. People who suffer do not have to be ashamed of this; it is a normal thing. I want to talk about why going to therapy, talking it out, etc. is good for people who want to let things out or do not know a way to get rid of a mental illness. Once again, it is not embarrassing or stupid. Talking will do nothing but benefit you, so why not take that step? Here are a few different reasons why I think people should give therapy, or even just talking to a friend or family member, a try:


“Word Vomit”


Letting everything out can make you feel so much better and less held down. After keeping in everything for so long, your emotions build up (and not in a good way). So, when you are finally able to just express yourself to a person who will not judge you, it feels so good, and honestly it is hard to stop talking. You feel like a totally new person after getting everything off of your chest.


New recovery ways


Going into therapy you think you know how to handle whatever is going on with you. I definitely thought that, but after telling my therapist what was happening with me, she gave me so many different ways I could handle my situation that were better than what I was doing. What she told me was a little bit challenging to get into, but so is anything new. But after doing the things that she suggested to me, I felt so much better. We were able to go from there and start even more things that almost made everything go away.



Figuring out what was best for me


Therapy is not for everyone and medicine is not for everyone, but in one way or another you figure out what is best fit for you. I went to therapy for quite a while before I ever agreed to start taking medicine. I was totally against it at first because I was scared, but after a while I knew that would be the best fit for me. So, now I take medicine and still go to therapy, and I have never felt better. I am not trying to say to take medicine, but you will figure out what will help you from going to talk to someone, whether that be just talking, or going into the more medical route.



Also, if talking does not work for you then do not give up, never give up. You will get through this, many people do, and they look back on the hard times and realize how strong they have gotten and how much they have grown and learned from the experience. YOU GOT THIS!!!