We go to a Catholic university, so we’re used to hearing parables (short stories that mean something else). I’m now going to tell you one that has to do with two friends: the bumblebee and the squid.

Note: Names have been removed to protect those involved. Any resemblance to people (or animals) living or dead is purely coincidental. Especially you, Jenny Beckman.

Once upon a time there were two creatures: a bumblebee named [redacted], and a squid named [redacted]. The bee lived his life in constant panic, going from flower-to-flower and constantly complaining about how busy he was and how he was “just really stressed out right now.”

On the other hand, [redacted] the Squid lived a life of quiet productivity. He rarely complained to any other creatures about how busy he was, even though he participated in a number of groups on campus. When he did complain, it was usually brief. Because [redacted] knew that ultimately, all the stress of the moment would pass.

One day, the bee ran into a creature he had never seen before. He went up to the large creature, but it didn’t seem to want to anything to do with him. (The “creature” was a human who began to swat at the bee.) Stunned by this turn of events, [redacted] quickly tried to defend himself (by complaining) and stung the human. He died a few hours later.

Back in the ocean, the squid continued to live a life of productive Zen. He never worried about what was due because he knew he would manage. He didn’t want to bother anyone else with petty excuses. He knew that everyone else on campus was probably just as busy, if not busier, and that making excuses was just a way for people to see him as pathetic.

Don’t be a bumblebee. Be a squid. I don’t care how busy you think you are or how many activities you’re involved in. You’re not THAT busy. I’m guessing that [redacted] the Squid is happier, more relaxed and more productive than all the bumblebees combined.

You know what makes someone impressive? Not how complicated their schedule is or how stressed they are. People will respect you for getting stuff done. So stop complaining and just do it.

You’re really not that busy.