After waking up from spending a night under the stars in our hammocks, we were greeted to a lovely breakfast prepared by members of the church. Along with the traditional eggs and pancakes, we also enjoyed a dish called chilaquiles which consists of layers of tortillas, chicken, and tomatoes.

Afterwards, we made our way to a local pottery business in Uayma that was run by a family. While we were there, not only did we learn about the lineage of pottery artists in this family, we were also taught the process of pottery making and even got to feel the clay that they use.

Once the tour of the place was finished, we got the opportunity to look at their finished pieces that were available for purchase. Next, we made our way to the Xcajum Cenote.

Not only was it an amazing sight to look at, but it was 147 feet deep! There were even places that you could jump off of for some pretty epic cannonballs. We swam in the cenote for a while and then headed to the buffet for lunch. Afterwards, some of us went back to the cenote for a few last jumps before heading back to get changed, where a long three hour drive back to Casa Blanca awaited us. We then prepared our spaghetti dinner and reflected on our day for the remainder of the night.