Welcome back to my blog!

This week’s organization is TOMS. As many of you may know, TOMS is a brand that sells cloth, slip-on shoes, and various other footwear styles. I personally have a pair and I love them! 

TOMS is making an impact in many ways. They work for physical safety; they organize organizations like Think Outside Da Block. This organization leads evening bike rides that also bring the community together.

TOMS also strives to benefit and bring light to mental health. They support different organizations, such as The Mix, which helps and provides teens and others free confidential mental health help and support.

TOMS believes that everyone should have equal access to education and healthcare. TOMS supports numerous different organizations such as Magic Bus. Magic Bus helps girls and boys complete their education and develop skills they need to work their way out of poverty.

Another way TOMS is making an impact is that they have given away about 100 million shoes to those in need. While they know shoes can have a big impact, the organization realized that they can do more to make an even bigger impact. TOMS now donates about 1/3 of their profits to a giving fund. They will then distribute shoes and donations to numerous organizations that they are partnered with. 


  1. Go to www.toms.com
  2. Look at all the cute, classic, (& insanely comfy!) shoes
  3. Purchase a pair of shoes that you know will benefit numerous organizations (some of which you care about too!)
  4. Rock those shoes as you wear them around campus.