If you’re a total foodie like me, I think you’re going to enjoy this post! My name is Allie Gladden, and I am a first-year student here at Gannon. Throughout the year, I will be writing all about entertainment in Erie, and sharing some things you can do with friends whenever you’re not in class. For my first post here on Gannon’s Edge, I wanted to talk about something that I know everyone loves, food! I put together a list of 10 delicious restaurants (in no particular order) that conveniently happen to be right here in downtown Erie. Hope you enjoy!


U Pick 6 Tap House:

The Tap House is one of 3 locally owned “U Pick 6” Restaurants. The Public House, Harbor House, and Tap House are all in different locations throughout Erie and Tap House just happens to be located downtown. Conveniently, Tap House is on State Street, which is a very short walk from Gannon’s campus. They are known for their delicious pizza, flatbreads, and stromboli, but people don’t go there just for that. They also serve lots of amazing appetizers as well as other lunch and dinner dishes. Though the “U Pick 6” restaurants haven’t even been open 10 years, they have become some of the most popular restaurants in Erie.


Dave’s Diner:

One of my personal favorites would have to be Dave’s Diner. This old-fashioned style diner is known for its breakfast food, but they also serve lunch and other favorites, like soup, salad, and shakes. Their large menu and generous staff make it a very family friendly place to eat. It is located on North Park Row, which conveniently, is only about a 5-minute walk from Gannon’s campus. Dave’s Diner is open from 7am until 3pm every day and is definitely a fan favorite among many Erieites!


Smugglers’ Wharf:

Smugglers’ is a beautiful restaurant located right on Erie’s Bayfront. There is lots of outdoor seating that overlooks the water, which makes it a great place to come in the summer. The building is very pretty to look at, as the entire outside of the building is covered with vines and flowers. A little different from the last two, Smugglers is known for their seafood dishes. They serve lobster, shrimp, crab cakes, and perch that comes right from Lake Erie. Smugglers is definitely one of the best places to go if you’re looking for some great seafood!


Plymouth Tavern:

The next restaurant is Plymouth Tavern, an old brick building on State Street. The building that houses this tavern was actually built in the 1800’s and is said to be very haunted. Before Plymouth opened, this building was the Erie Cut Rate Medicine Store, Public Grocery and Supply Co., and many different clubs over the years. Now, this restaurant is known for their delicious appetizers and great finger foods. Their menu has everything from a crab cake sandwich, to an electric salad. Plymouth Tavern is a great casual place to enjoy food with family or friends.



1201 Kitchen:

Next, we have 1201 Kitchen, a little different from all the restaurants yet. 1201 serves Latin and Asian cuisine. Located right in the heart of downtown Erie, it is definitely a popular place. They have a standard menu, but their dishes are a little more expensive than some of the other restaurants talked about. They change up their raw bar and sushi menu every 4-6 weeks so they can showcase new products. Inside the restaurant, it is very modern, but also warm and homey at the same time. 1201 Kitchen is the perfect place for you if you enjoy foreign food.



Molly Brannigan’s:

This Irish Pub almost has a perfect 5-star rating! When it opened in 2002, it became instantly popular because of how different it is from your typical downtown restaurant.  It is also located on State Street, which makes it another restaurant close to Gannon. Molly Brannigan’s menu has lots of options. They serve typical pub foods like burgers and fries, but their menu also has many Irish options. These include Rueben’s, Irish Pizza, Guinness Stew and a variety of other Irish sandwiches. If you enjoy Irish food, Molly Brannigan’s is definitely a place for you to try out.



Bayfront Grille:

The Bayfront Grille is a little different from the other restaurants on this list, as it is located inside a hotel. It is inside the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel that is right on the water. Even though anyone is welcome to eat, it makes it very convenient for guests at the hotel. This restaurant is a little on the fancier side, but you don’t have to dress up too much. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all offered, again making it easy for their guests. They serve seafood dishes as well as other typical restaurant foods like sandwiches and salads.


Calamari’s Squid Row:

Calamari’s is a very casual restaurant, another that is great to go to with family or friends. They serve lots of casual finger foods, like wings, tater tots, soft pretzels, and different dips. Calamari’s actually offers lunch delivery, which is something that isn’t offered by too many restaurants downtown. This is offered Monday-Friday from 11am until 2pm. Calamari’s also caters, which is also something that makes them unique. This is great for events like parties and weddings. In the annual Erie’s Choice contest, Calamari’s actually received the award for Best Caterer. Calamari’s another fan favorite by many people in Erie!



The Cove:

The Cove is another restaurant that is on Erie’s Bayfront. It is another great place to come in the summer but is also great all year round. Their menu ranges all way from soups and salads to seafood, and everything in between. They have lots of amazing appetizers everyone will love. Something unique about The Cove is that there is always some type of entertainment. Throughout the entire summer they always have some type of live music, and sometimes they even have activities for kids. This makes The Cove another great family restaurant.



Virgil’s Plate:

Last but not least we have Virgil’s Plate. This small, family-owned business is located on W 6th Street. They offer your typical average sized pizza, but they also have smaller personal pizzas and calzones. At Virgil’s, you can either eat in, pick up or even get your food delivered. Something fairly new to this restaurants service is mobile ordering. Virgil’s is actually partnered with the app Slice which makes this process easier and more convenient for customers. On this app, you can view the whole menu, order and even pay for your food from wherever you are. Virgil’s has some of the best pizza in Erie and is highly recommended by me and many others!