As an incoming freshman at Gannon University, I will be mixing my old experiences with new ones and creating memories that will last a lifetime. As someone who has been a musician for about 7 years now, I figured I could be somewhat qualified enough to share some things that I have learned during my time as a performer and an artist. Below are a few things I have learned…


  1. Music is for everyone

No matter who you are or what you like to do, there is a place in the music community for you. With music, you can find your own unique style and sound and be as creative as you want; anything goes. From my experience, many people in the music community are some of the most understanding and welcoming individuals. They tend to have a quirky and creative side and be full of life. Even if you are an introvert, these people can bring you out of your shell and include you in opportunities that you never knew existed for you.




  1. Music becomes your saving grace

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety, depression, stress, or all of the above, music can become the outlet that you go to when you are struggling to find a good way to center yourself. Whether its singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or simply just listening to your favorite tunes, music can be your best friend or even your savior.

  1. You become flexible

When you’re practicing for your next performance, you never know what could go wrong. You prepare for the worst and you make sure you have practiced enough for whatever may come your way.  You ready yourself for who the audience will be, what the weather will be like, and the location of your performance, etc. You learn to have doubles of accessories for your instrument, and a back-up outfit, in case of a fashion emergency. You keep water on you, always and you always have a snack on hand. Whatever goes down, the show must go on!

  1. Life’s most memorable moments are the small ones

    Friends from band

Last but not least, being a musician has taught me that the moments that you will remember most fondly are the ones that lasted only a few minutes at most. Maybe it was that short impromptu solo you got or that one time at band camp (you know the one I’m talking about!). Whatever it was it may have only lasted a few seconds, but you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.


Being a musician has taught me a few things about having a good performance, but has taught me so many things about life. If you’re looking for a way to work with people, be creative, and have fun, give music a try! It might just be your forte.