Day 6


Yesterday was a work day at the mission! We helped out all day with work projects at Casa Blanca. We painted the entire back walls and gazebo. Some of our group went with José to help pack toiletries for the local community. The Mission was impressed as we completed more projects than they thought we would!

We had dinner from the cocina económica with members of the Mission programs as our final goodbye! We had lots of fun after our long day of work. We danced ‘traditional’ dances from the United States such as the Electric Slide and Cotton Eye Joe. In return they taught us one of their popular dances! We also celebrated two birthdays from the Mission with cake and cheesecake. We sang happy birthday in both Spanish and English! We also got to see Noah from the Daycare again and colored with him.

We ended our night with a reflection about identity and values. We discussed our own values and how we can consider them when being present with those we are serving.

¡hasta luego!

las caballeras de trabajadores