If you’ve never heard of it before, Tumblr is a microblogging platform with over 100 million users. Users create blogs based on a variety of topics and interests, from television shows and movies to travel and photography. People use Tumblr to showcase their work or their businesses, along with freaking out about their favorite things. Tumblr connects people from all over the world through shared interests and ideals and has become a driving force behind charity work and promoting social issues. Tumblr users include teenagers and young adults, but also celebrities and public figures like Lorde and President Obama.

Here at Edge, we’ve decided to test out the platform for ourselves. Through the experiences of many of our staff members who frequent the website, we’ve come to think that Edge could both learn something from other college-sponsored blogs and college student bloggers and provide another interesting perspective from the pieces and features that we post here.

For now, Edge’s tumblr serves as a place for us to post what we usually share here on our main website. Eventually, we’d like to grow our space to serve as a more personal output of the website, sharing things that we as staff find interesting or funny (and I’m sure our fair share of cat gifs will find their way there, too).  Hopefully, our use of Tumblr will help more people see what we do here at Gannon and could inspire them to learn more about us or incite change at their own universities. Students at Gannon do a lot of things that we can be proud of; it’s time for more people to see what we can do!

Have anything you want to see on our Tumblr? Give us a follow at gannonedge.tumblr.com and drop us an ask! Or, feel free to comment below with your ideas. Edge is always looking for new ideas!