I’ve never been great at goodbyes so writing this one was weighing on me. How do I put it all into words? I decided the best way would be by doing what I’ve been doing at Edge since I started: having fun with it. So instead of a real goodbye with lots of emotion in it, (Mary Kate’s goodbye piece already hit all those notes wonderfully) I’ve made a Mad Lib out of my final Edge piece. After a college career full of stupid things that I did just for kicks, (I’m talking about you bleached hair) it only felt right to end with something a little absurd. So here it is:

I’ve been at Edge for (number) years and it has been a(n) (adjective) experience. I have had the

privilege of meeting so many  (adjective) people who have been on the staff during my time.

I’m going to be (emotion) to leave this all behind as I graduate this weekend.  I’m going to miss all of the (type of shenanigans/fun activity) with the staff these past (number) years. It’s been (adjective) to do this with my roommate, (name) especially this semester when we shared the role of (job title). Even though I am graduating, I will (amount of time) remember the (adjective) times I have had at Edge.

Of all the Edge staffers, I will miss you the most (name of Edge Staffer).

Take care and thanks for all the (Plural noun)!

-Adam Miller


The PDF of this piece if you want to fill it out – EdgeGoodbye


P.S. but for real, I’m not leaving without a real goodbye and some thank you’s. Thanks to Kristen, Zach and Nicole for giving me the opportunity to develop some skills while also having a blast. Thanks for giving me the chance to work my way up through Edge to EIC. Shout out to April for being the OG great EIC. Thanks to Aaron and MK for being great coworkers and my best friends on campus, and of course thanks to the staff for being cool and putting up with me figuring out how to run things on the fly. Also, I leave cardboard Chewie (GUbacca) to the staff. Treat him well (I’m looking at you, Teddy. Keep him safe). May your quizzes be funny and your playlists trendy. Take care.