“The World Goes Round” – that’s a fact. It’s also the name of my last Schuster Theatre show before graduation. It is a musical revue of works by John Kander and Fred Ebb. Kander and Ebb started their creative work in the ‘60s and continued until Ebb’s death in 2004. It includes songs like “All That Jazz,” “Maybe this Time,” “New York, New York” and “Cabaret,” to name some of my favorites. Because this is my last hurrah, I’m not only acting in the show, but also designing the set and costumes. I feel privileged to be able to share my ideas for the look of the show before production even gets going.

The music in “The World Goes Round” is very jazzy and has a quality that reminds me of an old-time nightclub. That’s what I want to convey through the set, so I’ve made the setting a bar. Yes, there will be alcohol bottles, and yes, they will be empty. The back wall will be shelves of bottles with a bar in front for people to sit at and dance on. That’s right! We are going to “Coyote Ugly” this thing up! Then there will be a thrust stage that extends from the bar area. Around that will be high tables to seat audience members. A band is involved with the show, and it will be featured in plain view, just as it would in a real club.

Since the last show has closed, design for “The World Goes Round” is really taking shape. I am so excited to see it through.