Stephanie Smith, a senior English major, works as an office assistant for the computer information services and engineering departments.

What kinds of duties are you typically assigned to do?
I assist the faculty and staff of the CIS and engineering departments by making copies and helping create original documents. On slow days I get some downtime to work on homework and study.

What is your favorite part about your work study position?
I really enjoy the people I work with and my boss. The hours are flexible, and there isn’t really stress associated with it, which is nice.

Why would you recommend the work study position to incoming freshmen?
This job has helped me develop my time management skills. I’ve had to schedule the hours around classes and more recently around my internship, which has been difficult at times. It also provides excellent experience working in an office.

What’s your least favorite part about your work study position?
Sometimes it can be a bit slow, but other than that there isn’t anything that I don’t like.

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