Sophomore year has definitely gotten off to a great start. It’s been great to be reunited with all of my friends and to just be on campus again.

My classes all seem really interesting so I can’t wait to get into the actual coursework. I’m also trying to find lots to do to keep busy on campus, including campus ministry and Alpha Psi Omega, the theatre honors fraternity.

This semester, along with my business classes and my French class, I’m taking an upper level philosophy class about communication. This is the class for which I’m probably most excited. We are going to do a lot of reading, something I love, starting with Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and George Orwell’s “1984.” Even though I’m an avid reader, I haven’t read either of these books and I’m excited to have the opportunity to not only read them, but study and interpret them in depth.

I’ve always liked looking at text from different perspectives and I‘ve been lucky enough to continue that in college. Both of the first year literature and composition classes require you to think about more than just the words on the page. You have to also consider when the piece was written and the author’s situation. It can be really cool to see a piece one way, then do a little bit of background research and look at the same piece in a completely different way.

Being able to interpret things in different ways is also a skill that will help you in real life. Whether you’re trying to make the best out of a sticky situation or you’re not sure about a decision you have to make, being able to look at things from different angles can sometimes make the action you have to take much clearer. It’ll definitely open your eyes to what’s right around you and what matters to you.

Well, I’m off to read some more.

Talk to you soon,


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