Wake Up: Philosophy and “The Matrix”

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As a Gannon student, you are required to take six credits of philosophy which includes three credits taken as Introduction to Philosophy (LPHI 131) and three credits taken as a second course of your choice. Then, you also have the option of taking Philosophy of Ethical Responsibility (LPHI 237) or Theology of Moral Responsibility (LTHE […]

5 lesser-known majors at Gannon University

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Throughout your time in college, you’ll likely come across dozens of people with the same majors: accounting, engineering, nursing, early childhood education. These are all great academic programs, which is why they’re so popular among students. However, there are many majors that colleges can offer aside from your typical programs. Gannon University offers a colorful […]

New course embraces world philosophy

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A new course was introduced at Gannon this semester: Comparative World Philosophy.  Wanting to learn a bit more about it, I contacted its professor, Dominic Prianti, an instructor in the philosophy department, and asked him a few questions.   What exactly is this new course, and what sets it apart from other philosophy courses offered […]

Finding my niche

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Christmas break is, and always will be, a double-edged sword. In its anticipatory stages, you will find yourself borderline-angry about how long it’s taking to get here; when it finally arrives, Christmas break is a refreshing breath like no other, and towards the end of the three-week period, most students find themselves in the middle […]

5 things to know about philosophy

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Ever wondered what you could do with a degree in philosophy? Here are five facts about Gannon’s own philosophy program: 1. The philosophy program is housed in the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, providing opportunities to interact with students in many other disciplines.

Dr. Thomas Ostrowski: Texan at heart

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Dr. Ostrowski’s life consists of more than just politics. Take a look at some of the things that define his life in this “All About.” Name: Dr. Thomas Ostrowski Hometown: Erie, PA High School: Cathedral Preparatory GU Major: Philosophy (for 2 years) GU Department: Political Science Favorite food: Anything garlic or Texas barbecue

Being Philosophical in a Brave New World

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Sophomore year has definitely gotten off to a great start. It’s been great to be reunited with all of my friends and to just be on campus again. My classes all seem really interesting so I can’t wait to get into the actual coursework. I’m also trying to find lots to do to keep busy […]

Day with the Dean (Humanities, Education and Social Sciences)

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Gannon is hosting a Day with the Dean of the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences on Friday, April 9th. It’s a chance for you and your parents to visit Gannon and get a first-hand look at everything these programs have to offer. Registration will begin at 9:30 am with the welcome beginning promptly […]

Keeping a Job in School: It is Possible!

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Balancing schoolwork, extracurricular activities and a job can be quite the juggling act – but many students at Gannon are willing to take on the challenge. College is a time of making new friends, learning new things and ultimately preparing for the future. One way students experience the responsibilities of the future is by holding […]