When you think of Gannon University, you typically think of a school centered around health science programs. While Gannon does have esteemed programs for nursing or physical therapy students, the university also offers other types of accredited programs for different students.  One such program is Gannon University’s business program.

The Dahlkemper School of Business features a variety of business programs, with finance and management being some of the most popular among students. The Dahlkemper School of Business also features the Small Business Development Center, designed to promote student’s participation in local projects. Additionally, most programs also feature major-specific organizations for students to join, such as Alpha Kappa Psi, the business honors society to further engage students in their majors.

“My goal in [teaching business courses] is to get students to solve problems for themselves and create a learning environment that they can take basically anywhere in life. [Students] have confidence to solve a problem, define a problem, make rational decisions regarding a problem, and come to conclusions when having issues in their lives,” says Principles of Management, Principles of Macroeconomics, and Strategic Planning professor, John Wroblewski.

During an interview, Professor Wroblewski emphasized that the purpose of the business program isn’t just to educate students about micromanaging or finances, but rather to promote chronic learning. “It’s a life-long learning process of how to solve problems, how to deal with yourself, how to identify your own strengths and weaknesses, and contending with some threats you may perceive in your life”.

While it may be true that Gannon is considered a “health science school,” it’s important to acknowledge the other interesting programs the university offers.  The business program provides students with the proper education necessary to excel in their careers, as well as skills they will need for the rest of their lives. Because of this reason, it’s evident that Gannon University houses an excellent program for business students.