Another week, another work study. This week’s spotlight shines on Allison Adkins, senior liberal studies major and her job in the Center for Social Concerns. Allison plans to enter the higher education workforce after graduation.

What are some of your typical duties?
I make Excel spreadsheets and update the volunteer database for the university. I also participate in the Kids Cafe. I drive the van to Kids Cafe and act as a supervisor of sorts. I’m currently assisting in organizing Day of Caring, which is a campus-wide community service event.

What is your favorite part of the job?
I really enjoy the people that I get to work with. I also enjoy how easy it is to schedule around my classes and other activities.

What parts of your job will benefit you in the future?
I feel like potential employers like the fact that I have experience working with computers and not only just working with them, but working with them in an office setting. The supervisory experience that I have gained from the Kids Cafe will definitely benefit me. And who knows, the driving experience may help as well.

Why would you recommend this job to other students?
It’s a really simple and stress free job. I also enjoy how flexible it is. If I have something like a big project or paper for class, I can move my work-study hours to better fit that deadline.

Find out more about Kids Cafe, a program by Emmaus Ministries.