A few months ago, I wrote a blog about how my friend Lydia and I were going on a road trip to Indianapolis for a concert. Over Easter break, Lydia and I finally made the trek to the city in search of adventure. We were not disappointed.

Lydia and I didn’t really plan much for the trip aside from the concert. Besides booking a hotel, we didn’t form any kind of itinerary for what to do during the duration of our stay. We just hopped in the trusty family Subaru, packed some snacks and a GPS, and went on our merry way.

Because we didn’t have any sort of destination or goal, Lydia and I were free to roam about the city at our leisure. Being the adults that we are, our first stop was at the Indianapolis Zoo. As we walked around different exhibits looking at flamingos and seals, I thought about the exotic places I would never get to visit.

Feeling a bit melancholy (and hungry), Lydia and I ventured off to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for a picnic in one of their renowned gardens. The place was absolutely stunning. The back of the museum is basically a labyrinth of fountains, foliage, and flowers. As we were sitting at the base of a fountain eating our sandwiches and juice boxes, Lydia turned to me and asked, “Does it ever bother you? Knowing that there are places as perfect as this and knowing you’ll probably never get to visit them?”

Lydia’s comment got me thinking. When you first came to Erie, did you ever expect to be blown away by the beauty of Presque Isle in the spring? Or how AJ’s Way sparkles with holiday lights during the Christmas season? You would never get to experience these phenomena if you didn’t travel to Erie.

There are probably places just as beautiful as the Indianapolis Museum of Art scattered throughout the world. The only way you’ll get to discover them is by traveling and being spontaneous. If Lydia and I weren’t randomly driving down a road and decided to pull over in the museum’s parking lot, we would have missed out on a beautiful place.

After the visiting the museum, Lydia and I headed back to Ohio. As we stopped at a gas station for what seemed to be our sixth cup of cheap coffee, I was overcome with a sudden rush of adrenaline.

“Lydia, let’s stop in Oxford and grab dinner,” I said as I stopped mid-step and looked back at my friend. Oxford, Ohio is a city where a bunch of our friends go to school, and the town was located just a few miles off our route home. We called some friends and agreed to meet up at a local restaurant. It was great to see my friends again and get a tour of the city.

I would not have had such a memorable trip if I didn’t act on my spontaneity. The beauty of travel is that you’re introduced to all these wonderful things you never knew existed beforehand. If you’re distracted by following a strict itinerary or glued to your phone, you’re missing out on unforgettable experiences. So go ahead and act on your spontaneity every once in a while. You might be surprised at what you discover.