Back-to-school is always an exciting time on my annual calendar.  There is something about buying a pack of No. 2 pencils that refreshes my spirit, and motivates me to do my best in the upcoming school year.  Despite being almost 20 years old, I still pounce on the opportunity to inhale a deep whiff of freshly sharpened crayons.

While new school supplies are always invigorating, a majority of my excitement to return to school is due to my new living arrangements.  This year I am living with a few close friends on campus in the Harborview Apartments.

In addition to balancing school work, I now have to juggle managing a household, and prepare actual meals instead of Ramen Noodles and Pop-Tarts.

My roommates and I have already encountered several dilemmas since moving in, such as killing spiders on the balcony, shopping for groceries and cleaning toilets.  Needless to say, we are in for an interesting and tumultuous year.

I am also excited to come back to school because of the new opportunities.  I did not have a car last year, which left me feeling stranded on campus; I was not able to fully appreciate the beautiful city where I was studying.

I formed a goal to try new things, and explore the city of Erie this year.  Luckily, since being a first-year student, I now have friends who own cars.  I am predicting many trips to Presque Isle, Millcreek Mall and surrounding Erie attractions in my future.

For this school year, I am looking forward to new experiences and meeting different people while simultaneously advancing my studies as an occupational therapy student.  I am taking Gannon University’s motto of “Believe in the possibilities” to heart, and believing in the possibility that this will be an excellent academic year. Good luck everyone!