Hello this is Kiara one of the leaders! Today we started our first day of service with Enterprsing Latinas! This is an organization that works to help latina women get there lives going! They are based in Wimauma, Florida and 80% of this region consists of hispanic population. We got to meet such wonderful people today and had a blast cleaning out their storage unit so they can stress less about organization and focus more on helping individuals! Our wonderful service coordinator, Javiere, was amazing and we had such a pleasure talking to him about his experiences in the South and how important this organization means to the community. We even got to meet a lovely women who shared her story of starting through the Enterprising Latinas program and now she works as one of the head coordinators of the program! Talk about a success story! It was awesome to see that they offer so many classes to help Latinas navigate life. They teach finance classes for those striving to be entrepreneurs, ESL classes for those we don’t speak english, job professional skills, and so much more!

While being there we had a wonderful lunch at Chef Nieves that was in the same building as Enterprising Latinas and it was awesome to eat authentic puerto rican food! I had the best quesadilla ever!

Another wonderful lady we met was Georgina and she made us wonderful certificates for our hardwork and it made us all feel so special!

We ended the day with a wonderful walk at sunset and a relaxing evening in the hot tub!