And We’re Off… Departing from Erie, PA on Sunday, May 8, our first stop was in Cleveland, OH. During our first pit stop, we explored the West Side Market where we were welcomed by free samples of local produce in addition to a wide selection of meats, cheeses, and desserts. To get pumped for the rest of our travels, we got goodies from City Roast Coffee and Tea in the market! To pass some time, we took a walk along the shores of Lake Erie, OH at Edgewater Park. The warm sand felt so nice, especially after the cold winter in Erie. Instead of driving to the “Cleveland” sign, we decided to extend our hike. Along the way, we stopped to find a geocache! After arriving at the “Cleveland” sign, we took so so so many pictures (side note… who knew Cleveland was the windy city? lol). For a late lunch (and last stop before arriving in Michigan) we ate fried chicken at Raising Cane.

The last 2.5 hours or so of the drive (from Cleveland to Detroit) was accompanied by singing — LOTS AND LOTS OF SINGING, especially 1D, Taylor Swift, and High School Musical. Finally, we arrived at our Airbnb in Detroit, MI where we dropped off our bags. Then, we were off to Meijers to purchase some groceries for the week. This week, each of our members is responsible for making one well-rounded dinner WITH A BUDGET (Paul = $15.00, Heidi = $50.00, Skyler = $30.00, Ella = $25.00, Anna = $75.00). Paul made a delicious meal of pasta, turkey meatballs, cheesy garlic bread, and salad. After dinner, we reflected on the day. We also celebrated Heidi for Mother’s Day with a cake! The night finished with a PowerPoint made by Anna; the theme? DOPPELGANGERS of the group!! After a busy day of sightseeing and traveling, we were exhausted and headed to bed. We cannot wait to spend the rest of this week with each other while serving others and exploring Detroit!