If Simba was a human, what would his life be like? More importantly, if Simba was a college student at Gannon University, where would he live? This isn’t the safari, after all. Gannon doesn’t have living quarters a la Pride Rock.

So, if Disney characters were transported to the realm of Gannon University as college students, what on-campus housing would best fit their character?

  1.  Cinderella – West Hall, then North Hall

If Cinderella, post-life status change, were on Gannon’s campus, she would live in North Hall. North Hall is the newest housing option at Gannon, and has all the bells and whistles that a new princess would need. Symbolically, I guess the new building is like Cinderella’s new status as a princess. Okay, that’s really cheesy, but I like to think Cinderella would want suite-style living and access to a billiards table in the lobby.

  1. Peter Pan – Fraternity Housing

Peter Pan’s independent style would find him living in one of the fraternity housing options at Gannon. It’s rather cool that Peter Pan would end up in separate housing with the Lost Boys. Now that’s a pretty nifty way to nickname your fraternity brothers.

  1. Pumbaa – 632 Sassafras Street

Pumbaa is gluttonous, lovable little warthog. He’s going to want to get his grub on more than the standard three times a day, so close proximity to Waldron Campus Center is crucial. Any fellow lazy person will understand the struggle between wanting food and not wanting to move that much. The pink house next to the Schuster Theatre is the perfect location in that it is the closest to Waldron, but also offers only double occupancy apartments, which is perfect for Pumbaa and his partner in crime, Timon (it feels so unnatural to say Pumbaa before Timon. It’s like saying “dad and mom”).

  1. Gaston – Freeman Apartments

Gaston would reluctantly room with three other guys, but only because he is right next to the football field. He’s really into that lift-so-much-your-arms-don’t-lay-against-your-body-while-standing lifestyle, so being relatively close to the Recreation Center helps as well. Plus, you know he’s going to be that one guy who walks into the Knight Club 10 minutes before closing, skillfully gaining enemies on the staff.

  1. Rapunzel – Harborview Penthouse

Harborview is the tallest housing on campus, which fits the Rapunzel back story all too well. Plus, Harborview has a Penthouse on the seventh floor, which brings the seclusion of the Rapunzel tower a bit too perfectly to Gannon. Just don’t ask her to let down her hair, unless you want to ironically fall to your death directly in front of Health Services.

  1. Chef Louis – Harborview Apartments

Chef Louis doesn’t get the swanky penthouse treatment that Rapunzel gets, but he would reside in Harborview. This chef from “The Little Mermaid” would need the full kitchen that Harborview offers, plus the cheesy connection that it’s Harborview and he exists in the world of “The Little Mermaid.” I can just imagine walking down the long hall in Harborview, suddenly hearing a jolly but creepy laugh from behind the doors and the sound of a cleaver hitting a cutting board. He may be singing, “I chop off your head. It don’t hurt, ‘cause you’re dead!” Then GU Police are called and it just gets weird.

  1. Belle – Wehrle Hall

She is obsessed with books, so what better place than across the street from the library? She is dedicated and when she isn’t working in the library as a work-study, she is in her dorm reading from a mountain of books. Her roommate wishes she wasn’t in the room all the time, but that’s just one of the perks of living in freshman dorms.