As both a Christian and a senior, Easter and graduation have particular meaning and it’s truly unbelievable how quickly these momentous occasions have crept up on me. They have led me to reflect on my life as a Christian and the past four years of college.

Easter has always been and continues to be a time of reflection on my faith and what that means to me. It’s a great opportunity to evaluate what I believe and ask myself if I display those beliefs in how I am living my life. This year I found that the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection has never been so real. I have heard several pastors really bring to life a graphic interpretation of the last days of Christ and this has impacted my thoughts more significantly than I anticipated. Having a very real understanding of this sacrifice has me taking a second look at my priorities.

Along with the Easter season, graduation has me reflecting on the completion of college. There are endless recollections of meetings, late-night cram sessions and assignments. But more than anything else, I’m going to remember the relationships I’ve developed. My friends and professors have impacted my life more than I realized and I’m truly grateful for it. Yes, the education I received from Gannon is phenomenal and definitely prepared me for the next step, but the time I spent with my friends is what I will miss the most.

As this chapter in my life comes to a close I look back on my four years of Gannon with no regrets. I definitely could have and should have done some things differently, but I would not be where I am today without all of those experiences. My faith has grown astronomically since starting as a freshman and I couldn’t be more exited to start the next phase of my life.

God bless,