We started our Monday with a homemade breakfast made by the students, Ella, Anna, and Skyler. We were fortunate to share a spread of eggs, pancakes, fruit, and more! After breakfast, our group got ready for the day and headed to our first activity of the day: The Henry Ford Museum. The museum was filled with thousands of valuable artifacts and multiple historical collections. We spent approximately four hours exploring the museum. Some of our favorite displays included the Civil Rights display, Ford GT Mark IV, and Mathematica exhibit. We also had the privilege of watching multiple movies, including  Fueled By Passion and documentaries about Jackie Robinson and Women’s Suffrage. The museum provided a few interactive activities such as paper airplane making, buttons that played quotes/stories of the exhibits, crayons, and paper to create drawings of artifacts they had, etc. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for everyone and we are thankful for the opportunity to visit. After a long day in the museum, it came as no surprise this endeavor left us hungry! Thankfully, we received recommendations for food from past Gannon students and members of the Detroit community. We decided to try Haraz, a small coffee shop in Dearborn, MI. The mission of Haraz, their staff, and their menu is to credit Yemen (the country that actually invented coffee). The Haraz Coffee Family is truly bringing Yemen to the streets of Dearborn. Their staff is a joy to work with and we are grateful to them for enhancing our experience. We ordered a variety of desserts and drinks, all of which were delicious! Afterward, we headed home to get started on dinner. Heidi was in charge of dinner, which means she was tasked to make a meal with a $50 budget. She was able to make a 3-course meal for our group. She included appetizers, a main course, and aside, plus dessert! For appetizers, she made a charcuterie board with an assortment of various cheeses, crackers, and accents. She supported small businesses in her shopping endeavors by purchasing Detroit-made chips and salsa (both of which were delicious!). The main course featured chicken casserole with stuffing on top, pretzels from the West Side Market, and green beans. To top it all off, the dessert was strawberry shortcake (with fresh fruit from the West Side Market)! Finally, we ended our day with daily group reflection and a stellar PowerPoint by Ella to round out our day. Ella’s theme was the Hunger Games, and Victor E. Knight won the Games!