If you attended Gannon’s activities fair during Preview GU, chances are you encountered a variety of campus organizations. You also may have seen representatives from the Student Government Association flitting about and talking to members of each organization. These SGA members were holding a contest regarding the creativity of each club’s display table, and the winners of will be featured in this Edge article!

The winning clubs include Women of the World, the African Student Organization, Team U, GU Rugby, ICHTHI and LIFE (Love Is for Everyone). With that in mind, here’s some information about a few of the winners:


Women of the World
If you’re interested in women’s studies, promoting the empowerment of women or simply wish to learn more about different cultures, Women of the World may be the club for you. Fedaa Alsadeq, the club’s president, says the goal of Women of the World is “to globalize the women around campus, and to address cultural and social issues through discussions and programs that promote diversity and support women in leadership.

“We are here to support women through their differences,” Alsadeq said. “We are more multicultural than any other club, we are more open and we also have tons of fun.”

The group is women only, and typical meetings are casual, often taking place at a restaurant or over tea. Women of the World will participate in GIVE Day and will hold a breast cancer awareness fundraiser in October.

African Student Organization
Another group promoting cultural diversity throughout Gannon’s campus is the African Student Organization. ASO put on a spectacular performance at the activities fair, complete with traditional music and dancing. The purpose of this group is to breakdown stereotypes regarding African culture.

“Anyone who is intrigued by lively debate, art shows, cultural shows and African cuisine would find a welcoming home at ASO,” said ArLena Turner, ASO’s president.

Students, faculty and staff are all welcome to join. ASO is planning to hold a cultural event featuring African cuisine and entertainment in November.

ICHTHI, a Catholic faith-sharing group, is open to all students wishing to deepen their spirituality. The group meets Thursdays at 9 a.m. in the upper lounge of the Student Services Building.

Deacon Steve, ICHTHI’s faculty adviser, said members begin with praise and worship songs, followed by an introductory prayer, announcements, introduction of speaker, speaker, and then fellowship at the end with snacks. The group focuses on creating a space where students can relax, ask questions and learn about Catholicism.

Team U
If running is more of your thing, consider joining Team U. According to Sarah Miller, Team U president, the organization started because there was nothing like it on Gannon’s campus.

“Team U is not just a Gannon club,” she said. “It was originally started at Princeton and I talked with the founder about starting a club at Gannon because it was unlike any club we had. Aside from the organized sports and the annual CAP mile run, those that had a passion for running didn’t have a way to share what they loved. Also, since a large part of Gannon is centered in the health field, I thought this club would be bringing multiple interests together.”

The club is always seeking out new races and inspires students to promote a healthy lifestyle. Team U’s first meeting is set for 5 p.m. Thursday.


While these organizations might not be the most well-known on campus, they offer students the opportunity to broaden their horizons. An important factor of attending college is trying new things, so why not join a new campus organization?