I am back from my experience at the Fringe Festival!

I could not have prepared myself for all the opportunities that were in front of me.  Being able to perform on an international stage in front of an audience filled with people from all over the world was amazing.

It was interesting to see how audiences responded to the show we performed on stage. There were a handful that were not happy with the message behind our musical of Cotton Patch Gospel but many loved it. It was such a learning experience – not only for me as a performer but as an audience member.

This year the festival was the largest it has ever been with 21,192 performers doing 2,542 shows and 41,689 unique events (like sketch comedy and music groups) in 258 venues.   I was lucky enough to see 35 different shows ranging from two man dramatic pieces (“Devotion,” “Bash,” and “The Questionnaire”) to fun and hip musicals (“Spring Awakening.”) In watching these shows I was able to see other artists put their skills to work.  I have never been surrounded by so many committed actors who could perform in venues large and small.  It was interesting to be immersed in a place where there are professionals and amateurs alike all devoting their time to share something with another.

I am proud to have represented Gannon at this festival and am now making plans to return.  Check out the reviews we got!

If you ever have the chance to go somewhere out of the states I suggest you do it! The opportunity is worth every penny you will spend.

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