Celebrate Gannon 2018 is set for Friday, April 20 beginning with poster setup in Hammermill at 12:30 p.m. 

Gannon University has so many wonderful things to offer to its students. Therefore, annually we hold a celebration of all of our accomplishments in an event titled no other than, “Celebrate Gannon.” This event is a chance for students to present projects for graduate and undergraduate research, student engagement and creativity.

Celebrate Gannon 2017

I attended Celebrate Gannon last year as a freshman. I was pleasantly surprised by all of the wonderful posters that were hung around Hammermill. As a biology major, I am required to take two credits of research, and Celebrate Gannon provided me with the opportunity to learn about different research opportunities. Specifically, I talked to a research student about her project, and thought it was really interesting and complex. At the end of last year, I was actually assigned to a continuation of her research project. It’s funny how at the time I was in awe of how detailed her presentation was, and now it seems to simple to me because I’ve presented a continuation of it twice at conventions!

Celebrate Gannon 2017

Celebrate Gannon did not only have options for biology students in research. It had options for various subject matters. There were posters on philosophy, theology, physics, engineering, and more. There was also a student engagement section, which showed off all of the other impressive things that students did around campus.

This year, I am presenting in the student engagement section on an event that I was part of called “Building with Biology”. In this event, I had the opportunity to work with several children at a local library to teach them about how cool science is. It was one of my favorite events that I was part of this year, because like them I was once a little kid interested in science.

However, when I was their age I was one of four in an after school science club, but they were one in 50! It was amazing to see so many young children interested in science. I am also involved in the student engagement section through my ABST to Detroit this past spring break, and will possibly be presenting if my schedules do not conflict.

Lastly, my research partner is presenting our scientific research, and my name is on the poster as I am involved in that project and have presented it before.

Celebrate Gannon 2017

I am only a sophomore, but I am technically involved in three different presentations for Celebrate Gannon. This event is a great opportunity for students to show-off their hard work and involvement this academic cycle. Even if I wasn’t actively presenting in it, I would still definitely drop by and hear about all of the accomplishments of my peers.

This event is a great way to practice presenting information in a formal setting for future events such as conventions and interviews. It is a unique event that Gannon University holds, and really displays how much the university cares about its students, and how proud they are of them. I strongly encourage all students that are able to attend to check out this event and learn more about what’s happening around campus.

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