Starting off our trip, we all decided to meet at Maria’s apartment to hang out and make sure we stayed awake! At 1:30 we stared the cold walk towards Waldron to get picked up by our bus. After a short hour and a half bus ride, we had again ANOTHER cold walk into the airport. To our surprise, we did not have to wait in ANY lines. Two plane rides later and TA-DA, Mexico! We then had a short van ride to the El Arca home in Queretaro and were greeted enthusiastically by the core members! We explored the house while we got settled and found the weather, colors, and buildings to be so beautiful. We then headed off to mass where the priest welcomed us with a warm greeting and lots of curiosity. After the service, some children came by as they were very curious about the Americans! We then headed to a pizza shop for our very first dinner with the core members who are staying with us, then got some rest after a long day of traveling!

-Maria and Mitchell