We started day four of our ABST trip to L’Arche Ontario with breakfast at the Sherman house. During this time we discussed a quick question and quote of the day. After breakfast we made our way to the Inclusion Cafe, a community coffeehouse where people with and without intellectual disabilities work together. We learned more about their mission while also enjoying coffee and bakery treats along with live music from two local musicians, Old Reverend Randell and Darin Martin. While we were there we saw many core members we already met who were either working in the cafe or just visiting. There were also many core members from different communities who visited. After the event we volunteered to help clean up the space which was greatly appreciated by the staff. We made our way back to the Sherman house for lunch and an afternoon group reflection.

            After resting for a little we made our way to the Hamilton Convention Center to volunteer at the annual Soupfest. This event is hosted by Living Rock Ministries Youth Resources, a local nonprofit organization in Hamilton. After meeting with the event hosts we split up to either welcome guests, count voting ballots, or clean up tables. During this event we were also able to try a wide variety of different soups. Once Soupfest ended we assisted Living Rock with the clean up process by sorting unused supplies and loading them into a moving truck. As a group we decided to go to a local A&W restaurant for a late night dinner/snack. After enjoying great food and delicious root beer we drove back to the Sherman house to rest before our next adventure tomorrow.