Today we woke up and went off to breakfast before we heading off to our last construction sites for the week. We were split between the two construction sites that we were at the first day of construction work! Our group was tying wires, pouring cement, and moving rocks/gravel. We did not spend too much time at the work sites today because we got dropped off at our hotel early to shower quickly and pack things up before lunch. We loaded up the van with all of our suitcases, and then went to the Biblioteca for our last time. We shared some Gannon gear with the long term volunteers, and gave them our thank-you cards for helping us so much over the week to make this trip so special. They were so happy and excited to be able to wear/use the gear we gave them! (water bottles, shirts, fanny packs)

Once we finished our goodbyes, we loaded up into our van to start our 3 hour drive back to Guatemala City to stay in a Hostel for the night. Unfortunately, some members of our group got a little bit of a traveler’s bug today and did not feel the best to begin with, so the van ride was a little rough for some people with the twists and turns and traffic. Thank goodness for Dramamine… Everyone was able to take a much needed nap during the ride!

We arrived at our Hostel which is very nice with our group of 11 split between 4 rooms and we each get our own bed. After settling down, giving some people who didn’t feel good to rest for a little bit, we ordered some pizza. Getting something in their stomach, and taking a nap helped a lot of people start to feel a little better. Now off to bed to start heading to the airport at about 5am for our long day of travel tomorrow!

No group photos were taken today, but attached are some of the beautiful views we had today between the hotel and driving to the work sites.

One of the views from our hotel
Driving to our construction site
A very steep and twisty road to get to the work site