When you get to college, many times you think that you have to be an adult. You have to make grown-up decisions, and take care of yourself, and use big words in conversation. While some of that is true (and your professors might appreciate your vocabulary), it’s not always the case.

Yes, living on your own is a big step, and there are things that you will have to do for yourself that you are used to having one of your parents do for you. You have to drag yourself to the health center if you’re sick. You have to remind yourself to eat and drink enough water. You have to stop yourself from sitting in front of a video game or computer screen for an entire weekend to focus on homework or sleep.

Having to make these decisions doesn’t make you old or less fun than you were in high school. You’re prioritizing, choosing what’s important to you and what is going to help you lead the life that you’ve always wanted. That doesn’t mean you have to walk around talking about politics, the weather or taxes—that’s not what being an adult is!

Soon enough, you’ll realize that no one knows exactly how to be an adult, whether they’re still a student or if they’ve graduated and begun working. You simply get used to doing something or making choices over and over until it’s less scary than it was at the beginning. It’s a learning curve, just like the rest of life. It takes practice; and practice makes perfect!

My grandfather once told me that being in college is the one time in your life you are surrounded by the members of your own generation for the longest period of time. You’re “growing up” together; you’re learning the same things at the same time. But that also means that you have shared memories, even if you didn’t grow up with your college friends. They still know all the lyrics to that “Mulan” song you sing to pump yourself up before big exams.

Instead of stressing about growing up too fast and not knowing what to do, take a break and remember what you do know. You’ve made it this far already, it’s totally okay to have a Disney marathon in your pajamas.