Each fall, delegates from countries all over the world come to Gannon to discuss issues of international importance – including human rights, nuclear weapons and hunger relief – at the meeting of the United Nations. What’s unique about this United Nations, however, is that all of the delegates are 18 or under and from the tri-state region.

The Gannon University Model United Nations has been running for 59 years, making it the second-oldest program of its kind in the nation. Students from New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Canada meet on campus once a year to represent one of the 193 member nations of the real United Nations. The students discuss issues facing the world today, taking the stance of the nation that they represent.

Gannon students serve as the administrators (including the secretary general), helping to moderate the debate and to score and judge the competitors. Many of the students are history and political science majors, but like most clubs, any student is allowed to help. Many assisting students also competed in Model UN or debate when they were in high school too.

The club is also planning to begin competing at collegiate-level competitions starting next fall. If you’re interested in joining, contact Devan Omahen at omahen001@knights.gannon.edu.

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