Today started out getting up to head to breakfast, then going to our construction sites! We split up, one half of our group helping at a house close to the Mission in San Lucas, then the other group went back to a house we worked at yesterday in a neighboring village. We were moving stones, cinder blocks, mixing concrete, pouring concrete, and so much more. We were all very sweaty by the end! We all had so much fun talking with the people building the houses, using our Spanish, and learning new skills! One group got to play soccer with a few of the locals kids before leaving the site, and the other group was able to talk to some children at the school while waiting to get picked up by the van. The children here are full of smiles and laughs. We love trying to communicate and play with them! We headed back for another amazing meal provided by the mission, then to the hotel to take some much needed showers before going to our next activity.

In the afternoon, we attended a class on Reforestation and the Environment. We learned about some of the main trees in the area, and how they use environment friendly bags to grow plants in that will decompose. There were many plants, trees and herbs grown on the farm that we got to see! It was very cool to hear Toribio speak about all the work he does for the area including teaching the students about the environment and the importance of recycling. If you bought something, was the bags were made out of used papers, flipped over and drawn on by the children, then taped together! After the class, we had some free time before dinner. We spent that bonding and talking with each other by the lake. We headed to dinner, and had dish duty afterwards as well. It has been surprisingly more fun to do this dishes than we thought! We went back to our hotel to start reflection a little bit earlier tonight because we are doing a sunrise hike tomorrow morning and will be getting picked up at 4:30 am to start our trek! Time for some sleep for our long day tomorrow!

A mural the children made at the environment presentation
A flower at the environment presentation
The cement we helped lay down over the past 2 days and the gorgeous view behind it!
Mike and Mitchell working hard
Madie and Stella at the construction site!
Group Photo!
Chloe and Shannon putting in the work with Chris making sure they are doing it right