The Sinner, starring Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman, is hands down one of the most intriguing dramas I have ever watched (and trust me, I have binged a lot of dramas on Netflix).  Not only is it suspenseful, but the story makes so many twists and turns that I was never bored or uninterested.  I especially liked The Sinner because, unlike other tv dramas, the plot does not drag.  That is, by the end of the season, the investigation into the killing is resolved and the audience gets to watch as Biel’s character unravels the course her own life.  In fact, Biel is even up for an Emmy for her riveting performance as the lead actress in the limited series.

Cora Tanetti (Jessica Biel) being taken into police custody immediately after confessing to stabbing a man on the beach

The show follows the mysterious life of Cora Tannetti (Biel) after she suddenly stabs and kills a man while out on a day at the beach with her family.  This act of violence becomes especially shocking because she seems like a completely normal mom and wife.  So why did she snap? I was left completely baffled and intent on finding out why she did it.  But, Cora cannot explain to the police why she stabbed this man and is left just as confused about her actions as the audience.

But, Detective Ambrose (Pullman) becomes especially interested in her case and is convinced that there is some plausible explanation for her actions.  Detective Ambrose discovers that, what to some may seem like an open and closed case (she readily admits to stabbing the man), is quite intricate and foreboding.  See, Cora Tanetti cannot remember much from a whole year of her life, before she was married and had a kid.  Instead, she can only remember certain instances that come back to her in fragments.  Ambrose sees the inconsistences and becomes determined to understand Cora’s connection to the victim.

The first season is comprised of eight episodes and each reveals more and more about Cora’s past and what led her to becoming a murderer.  But, just as Cora cannot trust her own memory of her life, either can the audience as some flashbacks and recollections turn out to be misleading.  For this reason, I was left completely captivated by the show as I tried relentlessly to discover and understand the missing pieces of Cora’s life.  Furthermore, the list of sketchy characters in this show is never-ending as new connections are made between Cora Tanetti and the man she murdered.  Although extreme, I think this show reflects on the dark secrets that everyone keeps as they try to protect those around them.  The Sinner looks closely into the power of human connection, familial issues and digressions, and the ever-present use of drugs and alcohol.

Luckily, for viewers like me who cannot get enough of this intense thriller, season 2 of the show is set to air Wednesday, August 1 at 10pm on USA Network.  Although Biel is staying on the show as an Executive Producer, her character will not be the focus of this new season.  Instead, the show is going to follow Detective Ambrose as he investigates the case of a young boy who kills both his parents.  But, like the first season of The Sinner, there is much more to this story than originally meets the eye.

Before the new season starts, I highly recommend watching Cora and Detective Ambrose as they attempt to make sense of an unspeakable act.  You will learn that secrets, no matter how dark, will always be revealed.