Metz Culinary Management offers a diverse selection of food options for the students of Gannon University: late-night snacks in the convenience store in North Hall, coffee and baked goods in Palumbo Academic Center, breakfast, lunch and dinner in Waldron Campus Center; and those food options are growing.

Knight’s Cove, located in Waldron, normally offers Mexican food and subs-to-order. But, to the delights of students and faculty alike, new selections began to appear two weeks ago.

The first week, Poblano’s, which usually has Mexican food, offered Chinese takeout. Using their meal plan, students could order rice noodles or fried rice, add General Tso’s or Pepper Steak, pick a side of egg rolls or pot stickers, and then add their choice of cooked vegetables, including water chestnuts and edameme.

The selection was well received. Poblano’s had the longest lines in Waldron, a title usually held by the sub shop.

The second week Poblano’s offered pasta. Students could first choose from regular pasta as well as gluten-free options. They could then add meatballs or chicken, as well as sauce including marinara, alfredo or roasted red pepper. Throw in vegetables, parmesan or crushed red pepper, and a breadstick and you’ve got a meal that could be straight from Italy.

New options can be a welcome respite from the usual (though delicious). Who knows what other new choices will be available in the future?