Entrance to PlayhouseSquare. Photo Courtesy of guest blogger Carly Lyons

If 2012 continues at this pace, it’ll be Christmas again before we know it. Here’s a rundown of the stories making headlines on Edge this past month.


@GU: January events kick off the year
by Sarah Sgro (1/6/2012)

GU students set new goals for new year
by Khadija Djellouli (1/8/2012)

5 things to know about pre-law/legal studies
by Cristen Manion (1/9/2012)

GU Speak: What is GUXpress?
by Matt Kridel (1/12/2012)

CLICK-WORTHY: Clicking in the new year
by Tyler Babcock (1/13/2012)

RELAX! Tips on getting your mind off of school
by Brianna Woods (1/18/2012)

7 ways to have frosty fun at Gannon
by April Shernisky (1/19/2012)

South of the border food is a northern favorite
by Ryann Beaumont (1/20/2012)

Dr. Thomas Ostrowski: Texan at heart
by Cristen Manion (1/25/2012)

1,000 Words: Studies and studios at the Nash Library
by Allison Kessler (1/27/2012)

AfterThoughts: Random musings from Edge
by Edge Staff (1/27/2012)


[VIDEO] Fr. Jason Glover talks faith, reason, dogs and God
by Edge Staff (1/22/2012)

[VIDEO] Incredible opportunities at the Schuster Fringe Festival
by Keefer Kopco (1/28/2012)

[VIDEO] Applying to Gannon: So easy, even a stick figure can do it
by Allison Kessler (1/29/2012)


Testing limits in the final stretch
by Brianna Woods (1/11/2012)

Alumna affirms her belief in the possibilities
by Carly Lyons (1/16/2012)

Relaxing in my last semester
by Tyler Babcock (1/17/2012)

[NEW BLOG] The GU Guide: Character > content
by Jake Slease (1/18/2012)

An expedition to the Embassy for a passport to Paris
by Sarah Sgro (1/21/2012)

Explore your faith, no matter what you believe
by Shawn Hogue (1/24/2012)

Have no fear and speak the speech
by Matt Kridel (1/26/2012)