Monday, March 4: Recovery, Day 1. You don’t have to get up for any classes this morning! Use the opportunity to sleep in for once and let yourself recover from the stresses of the semester.

Tuesday, March 5: Take the chance to catch up with your friends and family about what’s going on at home. (This would also be a good time to convince your mom to make your favorite foods for dinner.)

Wednesday, March 6: You’ve been putting it off, but now is probably a good time to get started on all of the extra assignments that were given over the break. Put on your favorite playlist and jam out while you study!

Thursday, March 7: Reward yourself for all of that hard work you did yesterday with your favorite movie or TV show. (Or get everything done today that you couldn’t yesterday.)

Friday, March 8: Find something new to do around your hometown! Visit a museum, find a new favorite store or even go see the latest release at your local movie theater.