For the first time, Gannon has dedicated a week to being unified as a student body. Here’s a quick look at some of the events happening on campus this week.

Monday, Feb. 11: 4:30-6:30 – The Spirit Games in Yehl

Come watch many of Gannon’s different clubs and teams go head-to-head in these annual games sponsored by Campus Ministry.

Tuesday, Feb. 12: 11am-12:30pm – Senior Class Pizza Competition

Every year, Gannon hosts a pizza competition to benefit the Senior class gift. For $5, you can get all you can eat pizza in Yehl Ballroom from any of the many pizza places around Erie and vote for your favorite.

Wednesday, Feb. 13: 9:15pm – The GAUNTLET

Come to the Hammermill Center to watch students and faculty work their way through an obstacle course while blindfolded. This is only one of the Gauntlet events happening this week.

Thursday, Feb. 14: 11am-1pm – Mini Activities Fair

Stop by the tables in Waldron to see what many of Gannon’s clubs and organizations have been doing so far this year. You can check this event out any day this week.


Wear your favorite Gannon apparel or your Unity Week t-shirt with your I Make A Difference Ribbon!

Saturday, Feb. 16: 1pm – Pink Zone Basketball Double Header

Support your Gannon Knights at the Hammermill Center as they take on Clarion. Wear your Pink Zone shirt and don’t forget to donate for breast cancer research!

For a complete Unity Week schedule, check here.