There’s nothing better on a lazy Sunday than a nice warm breakfast with friends to ease the pain of the end-of-the-weekend homework crunch.

That is exactly what The Sidewalk Café offers. Tucked away at 26 N. Park Row, just a few blocks from Gannon’s residence halls, lies Erie’s quaint eatery adorned with photos from local artists that decorate the walls.

Craving chicken fingers with a side of scrambled eggs? Not a problem – lunches and dinners are offered all day. Conversing over the aroma of home-cooked bacon makes it feel like sitting in mom’s kitchen – and it tastes just as good, too.

The Sidewalk Café offers hearty meals without a hearty check. Most times, you can pay for your meal and a tip and still get change back from a $10 bill.

Sophomore English major Stephanie Smith visits The Sidewalk Café regularly.

“It’s just such a nice place to go,” Smith said. “You can head over on a Sunday and not have to worry about being there before breakfast ends.

“Once I get there I never want to leave. The ladies who work there are so nice – they don’t just remember your order, but they remember your name too – it’s a nice change from the cafeteria.”

The Sidewalk Café also takes GU Gold, which is convenient for Gannon students.

“There’s just nothing bad about Sidewalk,” Smith said.

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