10 Ways Being a Comm Major Changes How You See Everything

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Being a Communications major means that you deal with media almost all the time. It also means you get to see behind the curtain like in the Wizard of Oz (or whatever movie analogy you prefer) and find out how everything works. It’s important and often really cool information but it also permanently affects how […]

Eternal Sunshine: What Did You Learn?

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The year is coming to a rapid close, and it’s nearly time to start reflecting on what we’ve learned. This can be a significant question. What did I learn in my classes? I’ll find out when I take my finals. What did I learn from the shows I’ve performed at the Schuster Theatre? More than […]

The Joe Show: How “Mad Men” and College Classes Intersect

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Recently, one of my friends and I have been watching Mad Men. It’s a show about the advertising business in the early 1960s in New York City. It’s phenomenal. We’ve been renting the DVDs at Gannon’s library; you can take out movies for free! I’m a communication arts major, so I learn about the advertising […]