Eternal Sunshine of the Student MindThe year is coming to a rapid close, and it’s nearly time to start reflecting on what we’ve learned.

This can be a significant question.

What did I learn in my classes? I’ll find out when I take my finals. What did I learn from the shows I’ve performed at the Schuster Theatre? More than I can say. What about the radio station, what new experiences have I gained there? Well, we had a band in the studio yesterday to interview them and I learned once again that anything – and I mean, anything! – can happen with live entertainment.

But two of the most important sources of learning I’ve found this year are from right here at Edge and from my personal relationships, and they’ve been much more closely tied than I ever realized.

I’ve been using my blog to show you my thoughts while I’m here at school, thoughts that you may even experience when you make your way through college. However, that is not my only purpose.

I’ll admit there is often a selfish purpose in my blogging, and that is to get my thoughts out when I often can’t talk about them to others. Writing is one of the best ways to lay everything out on the table. Edge has provided an outlet for me to write both for myself and for an audience. That connection is something I learned this year that I never saw coming, and for that I’m eternally thankful.

Now what spurred this thought process? Tiger Woods.

Well, not entirely – it was actually a Nike ad that features Tiger Woods being spoken to sternly but softly by his father, Earl, who is recently deceased. In the ad, Tiger’s father asks him for his thought process, what his feelings are and if he learned anything. (If you’re interested in the ad, you can find it on Nike’s website.)

This is where I am in my life, figuring out what I’ve learned. And that’s something that extends far beyond the classroom.

Til next time,