Prethis: Things to Know Before Starting a Communications Thesis

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This semester, I started what is perhaps seen as the most difficult, frightening and anxiety inducing classes every theatre or communication arts student has to take at Gannon University. That class is Senior Seminar/Thesis. When I was a freshman, I heard many horror stories and I started to wonder how on Earth I would survive […]

10 Ways Being a Comm Major Changes How You See Everything

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Being a Communications major means that you deal with media almost all the time. It also means you get to see behind the curtain like in the Wizard of Oz (or whatever movie analogy you prefer) and find out how everything works. It’s important and often really cool information but it also permanently affects how […]

Interview With Newest Gannon Professor: Dr. Matthew McKeague

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Edge sat down for a talk with the newest professor at Gannon’s School of Communications and the Arts Dr. Matthew McKeague to ask him about his experience teaching at Gannon so far and his take on making it in the media field. What brought you here, teaching at Gannon? I wanted to be closer to […]

New school, new possibilities

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One week ago, Gannon University held a ceremony to officially open the new School of Communication and the Arts, which sits at the corner of West 7th and Peach streets. Gannon announced plans for the building after the Fall 2013 semester, when enrollment at the university increased by over 200 students – a recently unheard […]

“Totem” literary magazine wins prize in national competition

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Gannon University’s Totem is the winner of the 2013 Program Directors’ Prize for Undergraduate Literary Magazines in the design category. The Association of Writers & Writing Programs will award a cash honorarium and recognize Totem in the Writer’s Chronicle and other media. The judge for design, Roger Lathbury of Orchises Press and George Mason University, chose this […]

Big fish, enormous pond: WERG conquers NYC

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Two days before spring break, I set off on one of the best trips of my life. I traveled for what seemed like days (10 hours) on a train with a group of people who would become some of my closest friends. New York City was overwhelming to a girl whose 19 years in Pittsburgh […]

5 things to know about theatre and communication arts

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Theatre and communication arts (T-Comm) is a major at Gannon with an incredible amount of variety. T-Comm students share a love of drama and the drive to work in the media or public relations. Here are five interesting tidbits about T-Comm at Gannon: 1. Students take a number of hands-on production classes, such as Digital […]

My poolside scholarship search

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Summer is about half-way over for Gannon-Goers right about now and what do I have to show for it? I’ve made a little money waitressing at Luigi’s, I’ve made some good memories with my friends from home and I’ve been applying for as many scholarships as I can. I’m currently lounging by the pool on […]

All the world’s a stage in Alpha Psi Omega

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If this title adage from William Shakespeare is true, then the members of the honors theatre society Alpha Psi Omega (APO) are vying for the lead roles. First established at Fairmont State College, APO has been furthering the theatrical arts since 1925. Members of Gannon’s Kappa Beta cast – the fraternity uses theatre terms to […]