RECAP: April Headlines from Edge

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From Springtopia to ‘Camelot,’ Gannon’s campus was bustling with activity during the month of April. As classes end and finals begin, let’s recap April’s headlines from Edge: Features: Gannon’s Ultimate Fave: Sidewalk Café or Presque Isle State Park? by Edge Staff (4/1/2011) College Search 101: Spring into Action by Nicole Dohoda (4/4/2011)

College Search 101: Spring into Action

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Even though summer’s not here quite yet, it’s still time to keep pushing forward on that college search. So to help you continue smoothly into the merry month of April, we’ve got a fresh new checklist to aid you and your plan of action (with the help of our dear friends at, of course). […]

Grad School Applications and Napping 101

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Is April really only two weeks away? Although I am looking forward to the warmer weather, it is a bit terrifying to be so close to the end of the academic year. I am currently at the end of my junior year with my senior year staring me down. This wouldn’t be too intimidating if […]