MK Makes Muscles: Or, ‘Mary begrudgingly does Pilates’

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I hate working out. I hate sweating. I hate the gym. So when my boss approached me with an idea for an article that involved reviewing classes offered at the Recreation and Wellness Center, I really, really did not want to do it. Alas, I felt the need to educate my peers about workout classes […]

You ought to know: Sarah Purvis

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“My body became my art form – my expression.” Something broke in Sarah that first time she leapt through that proverbial barrier of ballet; it then consumed her. “I was engrossed with the attention to detail and the exacting of each muscle.” I have had the honor of watching my dearest friend continually excel at […]

Pop some tags: A thrift shopper’s guide

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I’m sure while walking around campus you have heard someone sing, “I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket.” Macklemore had it right, but he’s a little behind on the trend. Thrifting is not just a way to shop or save money, but something everyone should take seriously. It’s something I take […]