I’m sure while walking around campus you have heard someone sing, “I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket.” Macklemore had it right, but he’s a little behind on the trend.

Thrifting is not just a way to shop or save money, but something everyone should take seriously. It’s something I take seriously. I, Brittnie Knight, am an avid thrifter. I actually enjoy going to Goodwill, Salvation Army, Buttons & Bows and second-hand stores to buy clothing.  I’ve been lucky enough to find some amazing treasures, like a 1950s Liz Claiborne cape, but you can’t be that lucky every time.

Thrifting takes some serious patience. Think of it as a ballet. It starts off kind of slow and confusing, and you sit there looking for something that will grab your attention. Then the closing number begins, the orchestra softens, you know this is the calm before the storm, and ta da! You walk out of the store with a new pair of acid wash jeans, three tops, five sweaters, a necklace and some killer heels, all for the price of about $25. Or in the case of the ballet, it’s over and everyone begins to applaud. Either way you win and have acquired new staple wardrobe pieces without breaking the bank or your heart.

Not only is thrifting good for the shopping addict and budget conscious, but it is also a fantastic self-esteem booster. If you are into social media along with thrifting you are in for a treat. There are a plethora of “thriftionistas” and thrifting communities on Tumblr and Facebook that can give you pointers.  The best thing I’ve discovered within thrifting communities is a fight for body acceptance. So you get great ideas about how to pair your oversized sweater with some mint skinnies and flats, and you’re reminded that everyone is different. Like the rare pieces you find in a thrift store, we are all treasured.

I dare you to take a day and seriously try thrifting!

And as Macklemore put it, “I wear your grandad’s clothes, I look incredible.”