#GUHomecoming 2016

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#GUHomecoming weekend 2016 is here! Student activities kick off with a HUGE pep rally tonight at 8pm in the Hammermill! Saturday starting at 9am, the parade begins on 6th Street in front of the courthouse. Each group will perform a dance as well as have their custom-made banners judged! Each group will be dancing to a specific […]

RUNDOWN: Literacy, comedy and community engagement

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Monday, Sept. 8: It’s International Literacy Day! Spend a few minutes reading your favorite novel (or finally cracking open that textbook you haven’t used yet). Tuesday, Sept. 9: Come to the Community Engagement Expo from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. in Yehl Alumni Room to learn about local volunteer opportunities. Wednesday, Sept. 10: Sex Signals, […]

You ought to know: Sarah Purvis

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“My body became my art form – my expression.” Something broke in Sarah that first time she leapt through that proverbial barrier of ballet; it then consumed her. “I was engrossed with the attention to detail and the exacting of each muscle.” I have had the honor of watching my dearest friend continually excel at […]

Last Greek standing: My first Greek Week

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When I first joined a sorority, I knew there would be certain requirements – service hours to fulfill, meetings to attend, recruitment events to host. I never thought one of these requirements would be dancing in a Mrs. Potato Head costume to Spice Girls and other songs from my childhood. No, I haven’t finally cracked […]

Pop some tags: A thrift shopper’s guide

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I’m sure while walking around campus you have heard someone sing, “I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket.” Macklemore had it right, but he’s a little behind on the trend. Thrifting is not just a way to shop or save money, but something everyone should take seriously. It’s something I take […]

A tango in the Waldron Campus Center

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On Friday, Sept. 14, an exciting event happened in the piano lounge of the Waldron Campus Center. Members of the Erie Chamber Orchestra and Alpha Psi Omega got together to perform a tango and a minuet (a French social dance). This event advertised the orchestra’s latest concert, which took place that evening at the United […]

My life is more interesting in pictures

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Sometimes, words just aren’t enough to describe certain experiences. In her newly redesigned blog, assistant multimedia editor Allison Kessler offers you an inside look at life on campus.  

Students dance to support sports teams

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Every great sports team has supporters: mascots and cheerleaders, fans and coaches. Gannon has all these and one more: a dance team. Gannon University’s dance team performs at sporting events throughout the year, helping to motivate the players and entertain the audience. The team can also be seen in Gannon’s homecoming parade, where they join […]

CLICK-WORTHY: Clicking in the new year

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It’s a brand new year, which can only mean one thing: brand new links for your reading (or watching) pleasure. – With MLK Day only two days away, it’s time we take a look at what the holiday really stands for. That’s why Gannon’s Center for Social Concerns wants you to check out this video.

Eternal Sunshine: Students Get a 'Thriller' Surprise

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The Edge staff and Gannon’s Department of Theatre, Communication and Fine Arts present a Halloween treat, Michael Jackson style. People in the Waldron Campus Center had no idea what was about to happen. Enjoy! Read on for Nicole Dohoda’s ‘Thriller’ experience: